Gifzer Astronomy Club

Gifzer astronomy club

About the club

Gifzer Astronomy club(GAC) is a unit of Gifzer Academy and Innovation Pvt. Ltd, Chennai. GAC has been started with an aim to promote Astronomy and its related activities to the students. It is driven by a team of amateur astronomers to spread the vastness and wonders of deep space. Astronomy is one of the interesting branches of Science which deals with study of celestial bodies and observations of sky. It is one of the most fascinating area that motivates school students. The main aim of the club is to make the students to make the students to enjoy the wonders of universe.

Club Slogan:

“Driving to Deep Space”


“To be an instrument to promote and facilitate Astronomy”


✓ To deepen students’ knowledge and make them understand the science of


✓ To gain a personal experience on the beauty of the universe through actual

physical observation of objects in both the night-time and day-time sky.

✓ To promote public awareness of astronomy through public presentations and

star parties.

✓ To promote and encourage the use of astronomy equipment among our


Activities of the Club:

❖ Meet once a month to discuss about astronomy

❖ Organize regular night-time star gazing session



❖ Teach students to understand the basics & concepts of our Universe

❖ Guide to do projects related to astronomy

❖ Organize Invited talks and have discussion among astronomers

❖ Conduct workshops and conferences

❖ Encourage school students through club activities

❖ Arrange National and International Visit to students to get global exposure

❖ Organize Events and Competitions for both school and college students


Membership is free and it is open to both students and professionals. The

membership fee is currently decided to be free until August 2020.

Membership Benefits:

❖ Members can participate in night-time star gazing session at reduced cost

❖ Can participate in the lectures and seminars organized by the club

❖ Can volunteer events and competitions organized by the club

❖ Get opportunities to visit observatories in our country

❖ Take part in the observatory visits

❖ Volunteer school events through the club

❖ Guidance in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Current Programs:

1. Conducts 30 hrs session on “Astronomy and its wonders” in schools.

2. Conducts one day and Two days’ workshop on Astronomy in school and

public/private places

3. Arranges star gazing session for public and school students

4. Arranges study trip to various places in India for both public and school


Future Plans:

1. Increase the professional members of the club to minimum 1000 by 2021

2. Increase alliance with more Public and Private companies related to astronomy

through MoU’s

3. MoU with International companies related to astronomy to facilitate R&D

4. Establish an observatory in southern India to facilitate students learning

5. To conduct international competitions and events


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