Edison Innovation Lab is a Unit of Gifzer involved in developing new products.The commitment of this centre is to deliver new lighting technologies, as well as innovative and locally relevant consumer products that make a real difference to our customers, consumers and stakeholders across the globe 

Doer’s camp

We like to say that if you imagine it, you can make it .so let’s make your doer thing. Doer’s camp comes in all shapes and size but they all serve as a gathering point for tools, project, mentors and expertise. A collection of tools does not define a “doer”. Rather we define it by what it enables making.

Centre for Astronomy

Interested in Astronomy. Then you are in a right place. We here at Gifzer organize star gazing and learn astronomy related things. We also organize competitions and workshops in Astronomy

Center for UAV


“A mile of road will take you a mile but a mile of runway can take you anywhere”. Maskil’s Engineering takes pride in working on Aviation Projects for defence and other consumers. The main area of focus in aviation field is the unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Society for Aerospace and Mechanical Professional a leading research society has recognized the work of ME Aviation. It has also made an joint venture with the Society for Aerospace and Mechanical Professionals to carry out research and development in the Aviation sector. 

Centre for Fine Arts

We also encourage students in learning new arts. We bring different activities around the world and expose to the students so that they can be benefited. Dance, Drama, Photography, Modelling, Health and Fitness are the area we cover.

Centre for Sports

We encourage students by organizing sports competitions so that they can be physically fit. We also organize sports camp in underdeveloped areas.